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This dragon design is aimed to have large wings, long neck and tail, and a realistic face. The base is inspired from Anibal Voyer's three head Dragon.


This model is an (upgraded) mixing of two existing Triceratops models which can be found on the web. The first one is from Jerry Harris. It has a nice head, but I find the body too slim. The second model is from Dr. Stephen O'Hanlon. It has a nice body, but I don't like the face. Mixing the two models results in this almost original design.


There are several scorpion models to be found in the literature. This one does not look too thick where the legs are, and has nice and big claws. However the tail is a little too short.The design has one or two very difficult creases, the idea of it being to tuck all useless and inelegant paper inside the model.

Jack in a Box

This two colors Jack in The Box is made of a 2X1 paper, the final size of the box (closed) being one 6th of the small side. Several color changing are possible during the folding and the design presented in these diagrams has a black box, a white spring and a white Jack too.

Jun Maekawa's Japanese Devil

This Model is not an original but an existing model re-created using the crease pattern and a picture of the result (the crease pattern is what you have when you completely unfold a model you just folded and flatten the paper). After many trials I first managed to have something similar to the picture and finally could draw the full diagrams.

The model is very complex but the result is impressive. It has a tail, two wings, two pairs of horns, five fingers per hand, upper and lower jaws, forehead and eyes, and a tongue.

The diagrams have been redrawn on Marsh 2007 to fix some mistakes and make some steps more explicit.

Upgraded Japanese Devil

This Model is an upgraded version of Jun Maekawa's Japanese Devil, inspired from Satoshi Kamiya's Diet Devil crease pattern. The model is way more complicated than the original from Jun Maekawa. The result has a much longer tail, larger wings, two additional fangs in the lower jaw, and ears (that originally were part of the tongue in Satoshi Kamiya's Diet Devil). Don't hesitate to report any error in the diagrams.


This spider is inspired from Marc Kirschenbaum's spider crab, as far as the legs are concerned. But the model is somehow rotated and the head and abdomen are original.


This two colors penguin needs a lot of shaping in the end but results in something very cute.