Hugo Pereira's Paintings, Origami, Software


Paintings presented on this page are all original creations performed using either hard pastels on paper for the color galleries or ink for the black & white galleries. Average model size is 50x65 cm.

Origami Diagrams

Origami presented on this page are either original creations, re-created models or strongly modified existing models. Diagrams have been generated using xfig and can be read using acroread.

Origami Gallery 1

Many of the origamis presented on this page are not original creations. Only the pictures are available. All models have been folded out of simple A4 white paper, and most of them are from diagrams found elsewhere on the web.

Origami Gallery 2

New origami models folded mostly in 2013 using black foil paper. None of these models are original creations. They are of larger size than the previous gallery and special attention was paid to details and expressivity.


Several collections of pictures taken over the years.


The software presented on this page is distributed free under the GNU General Public License Version 2. It is written in C++ and was tested for various, linux distributions, Windows (tm), and Mac OS. It uses Qt for graphical interface. The page includes: an electronic logbook; a user interface for LaTeX and related software; a text editor and spell checker; a set of transparent applets for both Windows (tm) and Linux and many more ...