The applications listed on this page are distributed free under the GNU General Public License Version 2. They are written in C++ and have been tested for various Linux distributions. They were originally written for personal use only. They are not supposed to be bug free, although they tend to become so. Most packages use the Qt toolkit for the user-interface and can also be compiled against Qt5.

All applications have also been compiled under Windows (tm), using cmake and MinGW. Statically linked executables are provided for most of them. Some of these applications (qedit, elogbook, graphscan ... ) have also been succesfully compiled for MAC OS, though no packages for this platform are provided on this page.

The Qt software, needed for compilation, is available in all recent Linux distributions. It may also be downloaded for free here. Some of the appplications (notably textool, qedit, cvswatch and condorwatch) also require third party packages applications to be installed for them to be fully operational.

Qt Applications

elogbook: an electronic logbook application
qedit: an advance text editor for code development
graphscan: a graphical scientific tool to grab data points and errors from figures
homechat: a basic client server communication application to serve as personal messaging
musicbox: a music player client for the music player daemon mpd
qssh: a utility application that helps managing ssh connections and tunnels from system tray
cvswatch: a utility application that helps managing CVS repositories
gridftp: a basic file browser for Alien GRID file system
gridwatch: a utility application that helps managing GRID batch jobs
taskbar: a transparent, animated and customizable application launcher
textool: a convenient wrapper around LaTeX applications suite
transparency: a set of themable applets
qftp: a utility application for ftp transfers
Top: a system monitor application
xgrabcolor: a color grab utility
xgrabwindow: a utility to examine window properties
serverlog: a utility to examine running applications
openssh-askpass: a themeable ssh-askpass dialog

Other Projects

dependencies: a tool to visualize dependencies between shared libraries
Oxygen-Gtk: a widget style for Gtk+ applications
Oxygen-Transparent: a transparent widget style for Qt applications