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QEdit is a modern, standalone and multi-purpose text editor. Its features include :

  • Customizable syntax highlighting for many types of text (c/c++, HTML, XML, Makefiles, Perl)
  • Automatic indentation
  • Text modification macros
  • View splitting (the ability to open multiple files, or copies of the same file in a single window)
  • Server mode (the ability to open multiple files with a single process)
  • Box selection (the ability to select a box of the text rather than consecutive lines). Note that this feature requires a fixed size font to be used in the main editor window.
  • spell-checking, either using a pop-up dialog, or using a dedicated syntax highlight for misspelled words.
  • toolbars, to provide fast access to the most commonly used features (New/Open/Save file, Undo/Redo, Cut/Copy/Paste, ...)
  • collapsible blocks (the ability to expand/collapse part of the document that form a structural block depending on the document class)

The syntax highlighting, text indentation and macros are specific to a given type of input text (c/c++, HTML, etc.), use regular expressions to recognize text patterns. A default set of recognized types of input text is built in the application. It can be extended using external XML files.

QEdit supports both tabbing and splitting of the main view, to open multiple files at the same time. Tabbing is used to have multiple files opened in the same window, and easy switching between one and the other using a navigation panel located on the left of the window. Splitting can be used to view several files (or several parts of the same file) simultaneously, without the need for switching. The split views can be oriented either vertically or horizontally and separated by resizable splitters.

What's new

Version 2.8:

  • Automatically save current session at exit for re-use next time qedit is executed
  • Added the possibility to automatically uncompress qcompressed files, and re-compress when saving. This is useful for instance to read/modify elogbook raw files, as well as homechat logs, which are now compressed by default
  • Changed default encoding to UTF8
  • Updated c pattern to include some c++11 keywords

Version 2.6:

  • Added support for Qt5.0;
  • Fixed some semi-reproducible crashes when closing some opened files.

Version 2.4:

  • Added support for printing files directly to a printer or a PDF file, while preserving the syntax highlighting;
  • Improved the ability to export a file to HTML, while preserving the syntax highlighting.


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qedit-2.8.3.tar.gz (last modified 2018-09-20)
qedit-2.8.2.tar.gz (last modified 2017-12-15)
qedit-2.8.1.tar.gz (last modified 2017-08-12)
qedit-2.8.0.tar.gz (last modified 2017-07-28)
qedit-2.7.1.tar.gz (last modified 2017-04-05)
qedit-2.7.0.tar.gz (last modified 2015-02-16)
qedit-2.6.9.tar.gz (last modified 2015-01-12)
qedit-2.6.8.tar.gz (last modified 2014-05-25)
qedit-2.6.7.tar.gz (last modified 2014-02-25)
qedit-2.6.6.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-20)
qedit-2.6.5.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
qedit-2.6.3.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
qedit-2.6.2.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
qedit-2.6.1.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
qedit-2.6.0.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)

RPM packages

qedit-2.8.3-1.fc28.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2018-09-20)
qedit-2.8.3-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2018-09-18)
qedit-2.8.2-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2017-12-15)
qedit-2.8.0-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2017-07-28)
qedit-2.7.1-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2015-11-12)
qedit-2.7.0-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2015-02-16)
qedit-2.6.9-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2015-01-12)
qedit-2.6.8-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2014-05-25)
qedit-2.6.7-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2014-02-25)
qedit-2.6.6-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2014-01-20)
qedit-2.6.5-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
qedit-2.6.1-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
qedit-2.6.0-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)

source RPM packages

qedit-2.8.3-1.fc28.src.rpm (last modified 2018-09-20)
qedit-2.8.3-0.src.rpm (last modified 2018-09-18)
qedit-2.8.2-0.src.rpm (last modified 2017-12-15)
qedit-2.8.0-0.src.rpm (last modified 2017-07-28)
qedit-2.7.1-0.src.rpm (last modified 2015-11-12)
qedit-2.7.0-0.src.rpm (last modified 2015-02-16)
qedit-2.6.9-0.src.rpm (last modified 2015-01-12)
qedit-2.6.8-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-05-25)
qedit-2.6.7-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-02-25)
qedit-2.6.6-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-20)
qedit-2.6.5-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
qedit-2.6.1-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
qedit-2.6.0-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)

WIN32 executables

qedit-2.8.4.exe (last modified 2018-11-26)
qedit-2.8.2.exe (last modified 2018-09-21)
qedit-2.8.0.exe (last modified 2017-07-29)
qedit-2.7.1.exe (last modified 2017-07-29)
qedit-2.6.9.exe (last modified 2015-01-27)