ServerLog is a small application that sniffs the server/client communications between the other applications presented here when they are running in server mode. It was developed for debugging while working on the generic client/server mechanism used for the other applications.

The critical feature of this communication mechanism is that unlike D-COP, or D-BUS, there is no separate process to take charge of the server part of the protocol (that is, collect and redistribute the messages emitted by the clients). On the contrary, each client can simultaneously assume the role of a server. When the application that is in charge of the server responsibilities is terminated, the first available client takes its place and re-enable communications between the remaining clients, including itself.




serverlog-1.3.3.tar.gz (last modified 2018-09-20)
serverlog-1.3.2.tar.gz (last modified 2017-04-05)
serverlog-1.3.1.tar.gz (last modified 2014-05-25)
serverlog-1.3.0.tar.gz (last modified 2014-03-03)
serverlog-1.2.1.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-20)
serverlog-1.1.9.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
serverlog-1.1.8.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
serverlog-1.1.7.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
serverlog-1.1.6.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
serverlog-1.1.5.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
serverlog-1.1.4.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
serverlog-1.1.3.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
serverlog-1.1.2.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)
serverlog-1.1.1.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)

RPM packages

serverlog-1.3.3-1.fc28.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2018-09-20)
serverlog-1.3.3-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2017-07-28)
serverlog-1.3.2-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2015-01-12)
serverlog-1.3.1-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2014-05-25)
serverlog-1.3.0-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2014-03-03)
serverlog-1.2.1-0.x86_64.rpm (last modified 2014-01-20)
serverlog-1.1.9-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.8-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.7-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.6-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.5-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.4-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.3-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.2-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.1-0.i586.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)

source RPM packages

serverlog-1.3.3-1.fc28.src.rpm (last modified 2018-09-20)
serverlog-1.3.3-0.src.rpm (last modified 2017-07-28)
serverlog-1.3.2-0.src.rpm (last modified 2015-01-12)
serverlog-1.3.1-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-05-25)
serverlog-1.3.0-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-03-03)
serverlog-1.2.1-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-20)
serverlog-1.1.9-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.8-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.7-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.6-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.5-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.4-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.3-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)
serverlog-1.1.1-0.src.rpm (last modified 2014-01-14)

WIN32 executables

serverlog-1.3.3.exe (last modified 2022-01-07)
serverlog-1.3.2.exe (last modified 2017-07-29)