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Dependencies is a command line application which parse a set of libraries using nm and produces library dependencies graph based on symbols needed/defined. It uses graphviz (version 2.8 or above) to generate the graph.

Building at RCF

The graphviz library and headers are not installed at RCF. There is a local installation available in /phenix/u/hpereira. Following instructions allow to compile the source code against these libraries:
  • get the source tarball dependencies-VERSION.tar.gz
  • unpack the sources
  • gtar -xzvf dependencies-VERSION.tar.gz
  • configure
  • cd dependencies-VERSION
    ./autogen.sh --prefix=$HOME
  • compile and install
  • make install

Command line arguments

usage: Dependencies [OPTION]
with option in the following:
  --help               print this help and exit
  --path PATH          path in which libraries are to be find
  --base BASE          library from which the dependencies are to be found
  --print-dependencies print dependencies
  --print-duplicates   print number of duplicated dependencies
  --print-cycles       print nodes with cycles
  --show-duplicates    show duplicated links in graph
  --show-singletons    show libraries with no links in graph
  --format FORMAT      output format (default is eps)
  --output OUTPUT      output file. default is dependencies.FORMAT


dependencies-1.0.tar.gz (last modified 2014-01-10)